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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“Xornada Tutoring helped me bring my grade in [high school] Physics up from an F to a B+ in 4 sessions. I even had the confidence to answer questions in class and leave my teacher speechless!"

— Ashlyn from Tucson, AZ


“I have always hated math. It never made sense to me, but when I had to take College Algebra for my Psychology degree, I thought I would never graduate.  But Xornada worked with me the whole time I took the class and by the time I took my final I actually knew what to do.”

— Stephanie from Tucson, AZ


"After Akilah helped my sister with her math class, I decided to get help with my Algebra class. We had all our sessions on Skype or on the phone because I was in Texas and she's in Arizona. I still don't understand everything, but I passed with flying colors. Thanks, Xornada!”

— Suzy from Mesquite, TX

"Akilah helped me with study strategies and test taking skills that made Anatomy a little easier"

— Selena from Tucson, AZ

“Xornada helped my sixth grader with his reading and writing... he now reads at his grade level and does his English homework first.”

— Brenda from Corona de Tucson, AZ


“I have known Akilah for years, and when my daughter was struggling with Algebra and Geometry classes she helped her over the phone and with text... she sent pictures of how to solve problems so my daughter could understand. All I can say is it takes a pretty talented person to teach math long distance!”

— Michelle from Denver, CO


“After my daughter failed her Algebra class twice, we found Xornada Tutoring. My daughter passed and now math is a distant memory... YAY!”

— Rose from New York, NY


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